The DualDur test is a unique Hungarian innovation that can visualize the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia.

After a simple blood draw, it can detect the pathogen already in the early stages of infection (4-6 days after the tick bite) and in the later stages.

It is the fruit of 40 years of scientific work, tens of thousands of tests performed and confirmed by the largest Lyme diagnostic clinical research in Europe. The European Parliament resolution on Lyme disease proposes DualDur and similar innovative approaches for the early detection of the disease. DualDur is the only diagnostic procedure for detecting Lyme disease that has been proven in public, prospective research, certified in Europe and carried out in accredited laboratories in Europe.

Since we detect the pathogen directly with the help of the DualDur test, we can not only provide tangible evidence of infection, but we can also give instructions to doctors about the therapy if needed (special conditions apply).

DualDur is the first universally usable laboratory test capable of concentrating so many pathogens from a blood sample that they can be seen with a microscope during the whole course of the disease, even in the stage with chronic symptoms.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the system is able to isolate cases that do not yet have symptoms from the ones that experts already recommend for treatment.

Always consult a specialist before requesting a test. Without the presence of symptoms, we only recommend to check the success of previous treatment!

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*The images show a Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium labeled with immunofluorescence reagent, DD-Lab Ltd.’s own recording.